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Accurate and up-to-date information is essential for the result of your work. An analysis will give you important information about existing and potential customers and markets.

Find your twin customers
Analyze your customer portfolio
Identify new markets

Twin customer analysis

Based on an analysis of your customers, we will make a list of so-called twins to these. Twin customers are prospects that are equivalent to your existing customers. These twins have great potential to become your future customers. By processing your twin customers you will streamline your recruitment of new customers. Read more!

Customer analysis

We analyze your customer records and enrich them with valuable data based on criteria such as turnover, number of employees and location. Based on these data, we then make a profile of your current customers and compile the results in a perspicuous report.

Target group analysis

We analyze your existing or potential market based on parameters such as business code, turnover, location and number of employees. The target group analysis gives you an extensive information base that facilitates your business decisions.