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Sykehusapotekene HF


All the companies on the website are presented with the ranking they have in total and in their industry. This ranking is presented at a national as well as a Nordic level, and it is based on a variety of financial ratios such as turnover, number of employees and net profit. Subsidiaries are included in this ranking.

Geographical ranking

Norway Placement
the Nordic region Placement

Industry ranking

Industry: 46 Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles

Norway Placement
the Nordic region Placement
- Return on assets (ROA) 3,906
- Return on assets (ROA) 18,099
- Total assets 95
- Total assets 377
- Profitability 3,768
- Profitability 18,415
- Turnover 60
- Turnover 184
- Return on equity (ROE) 3,873
- Return on equity (ROE) 21,696
- Net profit 383
- Net profit 1,587
- Solvency 1,586
- Solvency 13,204