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Sparebanken Vest

Closing information (x1000 EUR)

Closing information 2019/12 (consolidated) 2018/12 (consolidated) 2017/12 (consolidated)
Other income 84,662 78,466 74,591
Operating profit 263,011 214,660 187,393
Total assets 19,991,077 18,881,334 17,803,319
Equity capital 1,713,932 1,558,855 1,428,208

Financial ratios

Fiscal year 2019/12 (consolidated) 2018/12 (consolidated) 2017/12 (consolidated)
Solvency 8.6% Less Arrow 8.3% Less Arrow 8.0%
Turnover per employee
Profit as a percentage of turnover
Return on assets (ROA)
Current ratio
Return on equity (ROE) 15.3% Less Arrow 13.8% Less Arrow 13.1%
Change turnover
Change turnover %
Chg. No. of employees
Chg. No. of employees %

Total value of public sale

Fiscal year 2019/12 (consolidated) 2018/12 (consolidated) 2017/12 (consolidated)
Total value of public sale 0 Equal arrow 0 Equal arrow 0

Closing figures are converted to the currency above at the exchange rate of the closing date. Source for the exchange rates: Sveriges Riksbank

The closing information is gathered directly from the companies or from Creditsafe.